The Junkyard Smoke Bloke

Month: February 2017

One thing after another

There is a problem with the relationship of the brand new tyres and the weight of the trailer, but I’ll leave Wurz to tell you about that. Finding this out put us both on such a downer we did nothing for a while except quietly seethe, or rant loudly, while deciding whether to give up on the whole project.  The outcome is that it is booked into a local engineering company, Wesbroom Engineering Ltd, to have a little work done.

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Not a good day

We are not happy. We got all the rust off the table legs yesterday so it was ready to paint this morning but the damp in the garage has rusted it again OVERNIGHT.  Right, now we have to get it cleaned again and all painted by tonight, yay.

Out with the old

The sign is off, yay, and all the equipment inside has gone.  The trailer without the signI say gone, it’s been taken out and chucked in the garage, so it is a bit hazardous in there at the mo.  All the bits worked and we were going to keep all but one thing but now we’re just keeping one table and the fridge.






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