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Month: April 2017

Wallpapering – take 2

I’m doing the wallpapering again but it doesn’t look as good because we used all the best pages last time.  This time I’ve used wallpaper paste to stick the pages on and polyurethane glue to seal it.

It mostly went on nice and smooth but some bits didn’t stick properly, especially to the curves of the front wall, and the paper shrunk when it was wet so it has left small air pockets behind.  I say small, some of them are 5” across.  To be honest you’d never notice them, but the walls need to be washable and I’m worried that they can’t take too much pressure.  Also, quite a lot of the edges curled up and the polywoly made them go brittle.  Now what to do?

I cut little lines in the paper with a Stanley knife, and stuck the paper down again, but alas, it still hasn’t stuck.  I need to walk away from this now before I go on a rampage.

A beautiful new kitchen

We were both quite subdued on the way to pick up the trailer.  I was excited to see the trailer all done and lovely but not looking forward to driving it again, and we were taking it straight to my brother’s so he could fit a good lock on for us.  This meant driving it from Abridge to Barking and then all the way home again later.

Wurz was so worried it wouldn’t be right that he felt sick.  He was beaming when he saw it though, because it looks amazing and we couldn’t be more pleased.  A tiny, shiny, new kitchen with the perfect, self-designed gadgets in for Wurz.  Two cheeky little hobs on the left, a double sink at the end, and a griddle, bain marie and water bath on the right.  It is so lovely even I’d be tempted to cook in it.  Thank you so much Paul.  The photos show that a lot of the plastic coating has been left on to protect if and we will take that off when we’re ready. Read More

Lovely eyes Wurz, but it has to come off

I just had to use waterproof mascara remover on Wurz’ eyes for him.  He looked like a man with a ‘lively’ woman’s persona, thick eyeliner smudged all around! It’s been there for 2 days and I couldn’t take it anymore.  He couldn’t feel it or see it so it wasn’t bothering him.  He had been getting rust n black paint off the table top with a grinding brush and a buffing pad and at first he looked like he had been working down the mines but some came off when he showered.

I really enjoyed getting it off with cotton buds though because he found it really uncomfortable and made such a drama.  He can’t believe women do this on purpose lol.

Awful day

Oh dear! I went out early to give the wallpaper one more coat of sealer and realised I messed up BAD last night by leaving the top vent open, for maximum drying.  The walls were dripping and the damp had penetrated though the whole lot.  Read More

“I will man up”

I got a new plan, I will drive the trailer myself.  Even though I have not practised at all, I will man up and just do it.  It’s fine, I know I can do it so it’s time to put my money where my mouth is.

We realised a flaw in the plan, we have no tow bar.  Wurz got on the internet and pretty much begged people to fit us in asap.  Yay, Wesbroom said they’ll do it tomorrow lunchtime.  We love Wesbroom.

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