The Junkyard Smoke Bloke

A little tweaking here and there

A little tweaking here and there

We picked up some more metals from RV Fabrications last week.  They are for our roof sign but we were concentrating on getting all set for our next work night so didn’t have time to get it fixed on.  We will try this week though because we cant get proper promotional photos done until all the outside is finished.

We have also thought of more things we can do to improve things for ourselves and the trailer.  We will be getting on with them gradually as and when we get time.  It seems our to-do list is never going to get any shorter lol, lucky we enjoy doing things and figuring stuff out.

I used some new chalk pens on the menu board on Saturday but to be honest my spacing & drawing could of been better.  I thought I’d have another go today but the chalk pen wont wash off properly, how annoying.  Wurz was already thinking about making a different menu anyway but now we definitely have to and we wont be using them pens anymore.  I’ve just thought though, I’m going to google it now and see if I cant find another way to get it off.

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