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Awful day

Awful day

Oh dear! I went out early to give the wallpaper one more coat of sealer and realised I messed up BAD last night by leaving the top vent open, for maximum drying.  The walls were dripping and the damp had penetrated though the whole lot.  Not knowing if it would all dry out, we wiped the surface water off and left it a few hours while we got on with other jobs.  I have to admit that we often disagree with each other and may snipe a little when tempers are fraying but when things go really bad we are so cool, cos we both just go quiet and know the other is knowing they made a mistake so don’t need telling, and we tend to just focus on the how to fix the problem.  At times like this I really appreciate my husband, but I find I do digress.

We knew that Paul would be fixing the tables and equipment in so if the wallpaper had to come off it would be easier to do it before everything was in the way, but it looked so nice, and we did not want to start again, so we were desperate to save it if possible.  We got on with other things.

The metal sinks have been removed

Horrible old sinksWe had decided that the ugly old sink was beyond our tolerance levels and had to come out, but left it until the last minute in case spiders started creeping out from the gaping holes and disrupting proceedings.

To protect Wurz’ reputation here I have to clarify that this would not disrupt him in the slightest but he has limited patience for the squawking and dramas that follow spider appearances so he  humoured me.  He is truly a lovely husband lol.

Wurz drilled out the rivets and got the sinks out.  The trailer looks better already.  He buffed the table top until it looked beautiful, and fixed it to the legs so it was ready to go to Paul.  I was keeping busy with other things and we kept going back to check on the wallpaper.

We decided the paper had to come off, and quickly because we were running out of time, with other jobs still to be done.  A sad job but once it was off I gave the walls a quick wash and sand down because that would also be awkward once it was full of kitchen in there.  While I finished that Wurz nipped indoors and made us a quick fry-up which was much appreciated as it was all we’d had  all day!

The sun went in as we started the flooring.  We’d got a hard-wearing lino type floor with crushed stones in so it doesn’t get slippery when wet.  Looks nice but it’s a pig to cut.  Due to the wheel arches bulging through the floor, the floor is actually a H shape on it’s side, so it was quite time-consuming cutting it all out correctly.  The Stanley knives had to be pushed really hard to cut it, so it was dangerous and left no room for error! That’s not to say they didn’t happen but thankfully only small ones on the floor, rather than our skin, and we didn’t have time to dwell on them.

To say we were fed up is an understatement and we were getting rather tetchy with each other.  We then had to apply the glue to the floor and fix the floor on it. The first time a tiny bit of flooring touched it it was at slightly the wrong angle but the glue was so strong it could not be moved.  It was the gluiest glue I’ve ever known and as carefully as we had cut that lino, it was now getting laid in this wrong angle.  I was fuming.  The whole freaking thing was on the wonk.

The new red flooring and black rubber skirting are doneIt was now getting dark outside and very cold, but can we stop?  No, it’s onto the next job. I got out a builder’s light and hung it on the trailer but got yelled at cos it blinded Wurz lmao, so I put it on the floor outside and angled it upwards.  Amazingly it reflected off the hatch and into the trailer perfectly so it was like daylight in there.  We had to fix some curved, rubber skirting all around the bottom and it would be impossible once the tables n stuff got fixed in.  It was hard to cut straight, especially as we were having to measure and cut in our own shadows, so we had to keep redoing bits and we nearly ran out of rubber but thankfully got it finished even though it was pitch black by then.  Bear in mind we live in the country and we have no street lights.

We quickly got tidied up, scrubbed the floor, got the table in and hitched it up to the Disco ready for the morning.

Indoors, snack, bed.  What a day! At least I haven’t had time to worry about driving the bloody thing tomorrow.  The photo showing our lovely new floor and rubber skirting was taken once we got to SMS in the morning.

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