The Junkyard Smoke Bloke

Clean up and rest

Clean up and rest

The soft opening shed light on a few areas that need finishing or sorting out.  For example we noticed the plastic above the cooking area had warped because it wasn’t fastened enough at the bottom so hot air had got under it.  We’ll have to get another, maybe thicker one and fasten it a lot better at the bottom.

A haystack in the gardenWe don’t know what to do with the hay, Wurz said I can’t have a horse, so it’s just stacked up in the garden for now.  It really made a mess of the garden though and I had to give it a good old rake this morning but I did love having it.

We did most of the tidying up last night and just had a bit to finish this morning but once everything was spit-spot as Mary Poppins would say, we just put our feet up.

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