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Garden gates put in

Garden gates put in

I’ve never really been happy about the trailer being on the drive and now the car needs to be parked on the grass because the trailer is taking up all the room on the drive.  Parking on grass is bad for cars as it makes them rust underneath, so we really want to get the trailer into the back garden. We need some gates fitted first though.

Big gates have been put inWe were calling all the local landscaping companies asking them to put a couple of big gates in for us, but everyone who even bothered getting back to us is really busy at the mo.  Paul the mechanic made a pair of gates for us in the end.  He hung them last week and laid a concrete pad underneath today.  It all looks really good and means the trailer can come in after 5 days or so, once it’s dry enough.




A concrete base has been put in We apologised to Jo, next door, again about the eyesore on the driveway and explained that it will soon be hidden from view in the back garden.  She said she really hadn’t minded it being there, and it had been quite interesting watching it change over time.  I said I was particularly sorry for her son Ed, as his bedroom is nearest to the trailer and he had not only had to put up with the noise from us decorating it, the mainly Bluegrass music we’ve been playing, Wurz’ singing along and us probably bickering too.  No 15-year-old wants to listen to that!  Jo said don’t worry about it, he is hoping sometime soon he can open his bedroom window and be handed his food from the trailer.  Lol, I think we owe him, that’s for sure.

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