The Junkyard Smoke Bloke

Hay there!

Hay there!

The Discovery is full up with hayI went to pick up some hay to use as seating in the garden.I took the disco to Writtle Hay & Straw, with the intention of buying as much as I could fit in and maybe going back for another load if necessary.  The woman who helped me was throwing the bales around like they weighed nothing, some higher than her head! and fitted them so snuggly into the car that I definitely had enough.  Once it was filled to the rafters I looked and felt like a proper country woman.  I couldn’t help laughing to myself on the way home as it’s a tad unusual for a girl from Barking.  The smell was amazing too, and in a good way.

A shelf with a car bumper attachedRussell had been true to his word and the metals were ready for us.  He had made the shelf supports so well that they fitted over the edge of the hatch perfectly.  We hadn’t chosen strong enough metal though and so they are not strong enough to support the wooden shelves that are to be fixed on.  We are so disappointed because Wurz has fancied up 2 plain wooden planks and we are going to attach the car bumper we found, onto one of them.   We will have to have our soft opening with no serving shelves at all.  Oh dear.

Wurz has been cooking up a storm, preparing everything that needs to be pre-made like the sauces, which taste better after a couple of days.

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