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I’m not having that meat

I’m not having that meat

Shotgun cartridge fairy lightsI had to wait in today for a meat delivery today so I made some plain fair lights beautiful by covering the bulbs with shotgun cartridges.  My thumb is really sore from squeezing them on but the lights will look amazing around the hatch of the trailer.

Even though I will not be cooking or serving food I have to do some courses because I will be working in a kitchen and working with gas and fire.  I am doing; Food Hygiene 2, Health & Safety, Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point, Safe Use of LPG (gas), and Fire Extinguisher Essentials.  Some bits of these are quite interesting but most is sooo boring, and so they have been dragging on somewhat.  Wurz has done many of them before but is updating and adding some extras.

Broken box on the meat deliveryToday though, I was glad I had at least started the courses because when the delivery of meat came, one of the boxes had broken right open.  I told the delivery men that I didn’t want to accept it because I didn’t know how long that had been broken or the temperature of it.  The men tried to make me take it, saying they couldn’t take it back because it was meat and they’d have to throw it away, so I had to throw it away myself.  I knew we had temperature probes in the house but I was reluctant to take the temperature because how would I then seal the package back up? And would we then be liable for it if it was too warm?  I didn’t think I would be because it is a real thing to do, to probe foods as you receive them but this is Wurz’ department and I was not taking a chance.  I understood enough to know that serving meat that had been below a certain temperature could kill people and I didn’t think that was a good way of starting a business.  I made them take it back but the meat company was ok and sent us another lot straight out.

Righty O, time to get a move on and learn this stuff!

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