The Junkyard Smoke Bloke

It needs to be smooth for the decals!

It needs to be smooth for the decals!

The door is rusted nicely and the panels are claddedWurz had to do the whole cladding process again for the panels either side of the door, but he managed to get it all done and looking fab in one day.  He has already rusted the doors nicely so the back is now finished too.We’ve found out that decals must be stuck onto super smooth surfaces but ours are slightly textured.  Remember the red oxide paint they use for tanks for its hard-wearing qualities? Big mistake, because we do not have a tank.  I’m now having to sand off the Zinsser layer and the texture of the red oxide underneath.

I keep thinking it is smooth enough then realise it’s not, it’s just that I’ve just lost all feelings in my fingertips.  AThis is a boring job which seems to never end and my arms ached too.  I was so fed up I went out and bought a new sander and some 40 sandpaper.  I asked an old man in the DIY shop where the sanders were and he proceeded to tell me how they work.  I smiled to hide my crazy and bit my tongue, I’m sure he thought he was helping.

We have been shopping lately for antiques/junk and Wurz is going to use them to pimp up the trailer so it really looks like a shack or something you’d find in an American junkyard.

He has also put a little colour detailing on the cladding with paint.

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