The Junkyard Smoke Bloke

“Let’s just move the trailer”

“Let’s just move the trailer”

We went food shopping then Wurz prepped some while I popped here and there and tied up some loose ends ready for tomorrow, including cleaning my filthy, neglected house.

The trailer and a lovely specimen treeLate afternoon we started moving the trailer up the garden but the jockey wheel got stuck in the grass.  This created a huge saga which lasted 4 hours.  It included 2 trips to Homebase, resulted in a specimen tree I loved being cut down in the prime of it’s life, dangerously deep holes in the grass, the trailer being back where it started and the jockey wheel broke, again.  We are both so tired I can’t be bothered to go into the story of it, but with 25 people coming tomorrow we certainly could of done without it, and poor old Wurz still has cooking to do.

This photo shows the tree before it met a premature end.

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