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A beautiful new kitchen

A beautiful new kitchen

We were both quite subdued on the way to pick up the trailer.  I was excited to see the trailer all done and lovely but not looking forward to driving it again, and we were taking it straight to my brother’s so he could fit a good lock on for us.  This meant driving it from Abridge to Barking and then all the way home again later.

Wurz was so worried it wouldn’t be right that he felt sick.  He was beaming when he saw it though, because it looks amazing and we couldn’t be more pleased.  A tiny, shiny, new kitchen with the perfect, self-designed gadgets in for Wurz.  Two cheeky little hobs on the left, a double sink at the end, and a griddle, bain marie and water bath on the right.  It is so lovely even I’d be tempted to cook in it.  Thank you so much Paul.  The photos show that a lot of the plastic coating has been left on to protect if and we will take that off when we’re ready.




A griddle, a bain marie and a water bath on the leftTwo new hobs on the rightTwo new sinks up the frontWe could not stop smiling and were happy to show it off to my family.  I even made my 17-year-old nephew get in and look.

The simple, quick job of fixing the lock on turned into a bit of a chore because the dodgy fibreglass made it awkward and brown water came out.  My brother had to reinforce the frame and it took hours so I don’t think he will be in any hurry to help with it again.  Welcome to our world, bro.  But joking aside, thank you Ca, we really appreciate it.

The actual lock is beautiful and shiny…but not for long because Wurz is gonna rust it all up.

We drove home at the tail end of rush hour and it was fine.  Slow and steady wins the race.  Ca and Mandy had stood outside and watched me reversing away so they could laugh at my driving.  So I gave them a 2-fingered thank you lol.

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