The Junkyard Smoke Bloke

The soft opening

The soft opening

The trailer and hay bales in the gardenHay bales in our gardenThe trailer was full of food and booze, the house, shiny clean and the bales of hay placed around the garden with multi coloured fabrics on top.

It was a really nice day and everyone enjoyed the food.  I was surprisingly chilled out considering I only had 2 small drinks, I don’t think I did much work though.  Wurz made sure everything went smoothly even though he’d had rather more to drink, he is a true professional lol.

Wurz and Shan in the trailerShan & Wurz busy serving a 'customer'Wurz busy in trailerShan & Bry sitting on the hayOne of his cousins thought it was a nice touch that he’d dressed up as a red-neck, but he was wearing his own clothes.  She normally sees him when we are going somewhere a bit more formal so didn’t realise he really is that scruffy.  This led to my putting on a gingham shirt and putting my hair in pigtails.  That’s about as authentic as I can do.

I had to get in the Disco later and was stunned at the state of it.  There were hundreds of pieces of hay stuck into the fabric: the carpet, walls and even the ceiling was covered in it.  I showed my niece and even she was speechless.  I then asked “how am I meant to clean that?  She was silent for a bit longer then, “get a horse?”  It still smells amazing though.

This is Wurz letting off steam after everyone had left.  He is wearing a joke apron that his cousin got him and demonstrating safe use of kitchen tools.

Wurz wearing a joke apron and pulling silly face

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