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A little tweaking here and there

We picked up some more metals from RV Fabrications last week.  They are for our roof sign but we were concentrating on getting all set for our next work night so didn’t have time to get it fixed on.  We will try this week though because we cant get proper promotional photos done until all the outside is finished.

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Our second night

Last night was really different from last week.  We got there earlier, no incidences on the way, and were set up in good time.  We had a slow trickle of customers rather than lots, one-after-the-other, which was nice because we had time to chat with people while we served them.  We met lots of good people and everyone was saying how nice it is to have another takeaway option in Tiptree.  I think there are a lot of people like me who don’t want to cook all the time and are happy for an excuse not to.

Thank you guys for your support.  We hope you all enjoyed your food and will come back again soon.

First night

What an amazing night!  Thanks so much to all the hungry people of Tiptree who came out and gave us a chance.  We were not expecting such a good response and are so pleased.

Our apologies to customers as we were a bit late setting up and we most certainly had a few teething problems throughout the night, but we have identified the areas needing improvement and they will be sorted out by next time.  Many thanks for bearing with us though and we hope you will come again soon.

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The calm before the storm?

This is a bit weird, we were completely finished and relaxing by about 9 last night and this morning I’m hanging around with nothing to do so catching up on twitter etc. When the shops open I’ll go pick up the rolls and then help pack up the trailer but not much else to do.  I thought we’d be a bit manic by now.


Getting ready for our grand opening

We have been busy running around tying up loose ends ready for Saturday.

We stamped paper bags with our logo.  We got some 50% flyers printed and I delivered loads today.  It took over 3 hours and I did not know how unhealthy I was! My back and feet were killing by the time I got home but a little sit down with my feet up and I am tickety boo and ready to do more tomorrow and next week.  Wurz is getting stock sorted ready for the cooking.

Once we get the grand opening out of the way we will carry on finding new pitches.

The sky is grey, the air is blue

Wurz working on the rain canopyWurz has been outside all morning trying to finish the canopy.  It is tricky as he is doing it on his own, on the stepladder that could do with being a touch taller so he could see what he is doing.  He has said several times that we need another stepladder but I have not rushed to get one, now I feel bad.  He needs to drill holes in the corrugated, that line up perfectly with the holes in a support pole underneath, but the holes below can’t be seen when the corrugated is on top of them, so that’s not helpful.

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Rained off

Wurz working in the rainWurz started putting the canopy up today but it kept pouring with rain.  I was telling him when things were lined up well so he knew where to fix them.  I was using a child’s umbrella (orange with ears on it) as it was the first one that come to hand.  He was soaked through but carried on until the point where he had to drill upwards through the metal into the rain, and then he only stopped because the drill would get ruined.

Metal trim for hatch

Russel of RV Fabrications, also made us a C-shape length of metal, which needs to fix onto the lip of the hatch to help it support the substantial weight of the shelf unit and protect it from getting damaged by the shelf supports, as they will be put on and taken off each time we go out.

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