The Junkyard Smoke Bloke

Month: March 2017

Everyday can be a disco day

We bought a bright red, Discovery.  It is super strong for towing the trailer, looks like a fire engine and has a really strong, lovely smell in it which is a little bonus.  Wurz found it online and Paul came with me to check it out.  I love it and cannot stop smiling.

Beautiful floor

The floor is new and brownThe trailer’s back and looking fab, well the floor is solid and beautiful, but I can’t tell the difference with the rest tbh.  The bottom of the trailer has had arches cut out at the bottom so bigger wheels can fit in and it looks like it was made like that.  We are really pleased with the workmanship though, thank you so much, Wesbroom. Read More

Off for surgery and bigger wheels

Wurz and Ben towed the trailer to Wesbroom today so Michael can sort out the lights, add wheel arches for us and put on some bigger wheels.  They’re also putting in a new floor, which is fab because they are fitting it in at short notice and we know they are super busy.  Wurz found the floor was rotten when he took up the old lino, so much for my “clean as a whistle”.

It feels weird not having it here but to be honest I’m glad to see the back of it for a while and the driveway looks better without it.

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