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Month: May 2017

Prepping the cladding

I had been out to see family today and Wurz started prepping the wood while I was gone.  We’d borrowed the thicknesser and he had set it up on the floor in the garden because the wood was too long and unwieldy to be done in the garage, on the bench.  He fed loads of wood through to take it from however thick it was, down to 12mm. Read More

Floor boards

We bought about a mile of old floor boards today, to clad some of the trailer walls.  They are too thick and heavy so will need thinning out first.  We’ll borrow a thicknesser, yes, that is a real thing and I’m looking forward to getting started on this.

I recently found Valerie June on you tube and am playing her album Pushin’ Against a Stone, a lot.  Check her out when you have a minute because I am loving her.

The trailer moves into the garden

The view out the window is blocked by the trailer and looks like extreme fog

We moved the trailer into the garden today and it was far harder than I’d imagined.  After a bit of bickering and some help from Jo next door, our beauty was in.  I was very happy about this until I saw it from our living room, it has cut out the view and the light completely!  It looks so bad it is funny.

I’d already Zinssered parts of the trailer that will be getting decals stuck on, to help them stick good, but through the patio doors it just looks like extreme fog and makes us flinch and do a double take each time.

Shiny bumper

We went to an Auto Jumble today, who knew they even existed?  And we found an old car bumper.  We knew we must have this even though we don’t know what to do with it yet.  The seller was quite surprised when we were talking of possibilities, and he gave it to us for £10.

Garden gates put in

I’ve never really been happy about the trailer being on the drive and now the car needs to be parked on the grass because the trailer is taking up all the room on the drive.  Parking on grass is bad for cars as it makes them rust underneath, so we really want to get the trailer into the back garden. We need some gates fitted first though. Read More

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