The Junkyard Smoke Bloke

Month: July 2017

Metal trim for hatch

Russel of RV Fabrications, also made us a C-shape length of metal, which needs to fix onto the lip of the hatch to help it support the substantial weight of the shelf unit and protect it from getting damaged by the shelf supports, as they will be put on and taken off each time we go out.

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We have shelves

The shelves are on the trailerWe picked up more metal stuff today, so as soon as we got them home Wurz put the metal shelf supports on the trailer and fixed the shelves straight on.  This is a heavy piece of kit but we are happy now.  Now we are able to accept work, as all the extra bits are extras and we can make do without them for now.

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Getting our rolls made

Wurz has been talking to a local bakery, Blackberry, of Colchester, and they are going to make our rolls to spec for us. Wurz went down there today and they gave him samples, loads actually, so the day passed pleasantly with us eating nothing but fab rolls with every filling we could find.  And so did the next day.

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