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Ugly baby

Ugly baby

The trailer visible over the back fenceThe trailers been parked on our driveway for over a week and it is a bit of an eyesore let’s face it.  I had warned the neighbours and they have been really good about it but I know that no one with any sort of civic pride would want it there, or anyone with eyes in fact, especially me. 

We can’t get away from it because the sign is shouting out loud and proud over the fence into our back garden.  Funny enough it’s put me right off sausages, bacon and burgers.

We go frequently between Oh dear, what have we done? and laughing hysterically at how awful it is.  I keep boring everyone with my “This time next year Rodders, we’ll be millonaires!”, and “He who dares wins Rodney!”, and when I’m least expecting it Wurz suddenly booms out with “We bought a trailer!”

We keep going out to look at it, one, to make sure our ugly baby is still there, and two, to help us to accept that we have truly set ourselves on a path of great risk to our finances as well as our pride.

Wurz has measured it all several times and walks around clutching his pad and pencil, mumbling quietly to himself and making notes and sketches.  He tells me the plan so I nod like a good wife.  A day or so later he tells me his new plan, so I nod again and so it goes on.  In my defence he is talking about kitchen equipment I’ve never heard of and the sizes and blah blah.  My only input at this stage has been to insist that the first thing to be done is remove the horrid sign.

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