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Getting our rolls made

Getting our rolls made

Wurz has been talking to a local bakery, Blackberry, of Colchester, and they are going to make our rolls to spec for us. Wurz went down there today and they gave him samples, loads actually, so the day passed pleasantly with us eating nothing but fab rolls with every filling we could find.  And so did the next day.

The trailer with vases and american number plates attachedWurz pimped up the trailer a bit more by adding some treasures we found.

He aged the roof sign with his magic potions.

A surround to hold a light fittingWe got a couple of light covers to match the car bumper and need to fix them into gaps in the bumper.  There is nothing to hold them in place though so I am making surrounds for them out of wood.  It is tricky because it’s so small and fiddly, and the bits keep falling over.

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