The Junkyard Smoke Bloke

Driving the trailer

Driving the trailer

We set off with the trailer, bright and early, hoping to beat the rush hour traffic and I don’t know who was more nervous.  We got into the next village before I realised we’d forgot to get a number plate for the back of the trailer.

We had put some cardboard inside the trailer to pad out the legs of the table and protect our lovely new walls, so thinking we would have to make a temporary number plate out of the cardboard, I pulled over outside a shop to buy a marker pen.  Wurz was not happy with this idea and wanted me to pop home so we could sort out something better.  At this stage though, there was no way I was turning around so I insisted we just make the number readable and be on our way.

While Wurz popped into the trailer to get the cardboard a car had to get out of the driveway I was parked over.  I tried to keep the scowl off my face as I pulled forward a few feet.  I glanced out of the side mirror and saw Wurzcoming with a look of mortification on his face, it turns out I’d pulled forward while he was stepping over the metal that joined the car and trailer.  He was furious with me and I was screeching with laughter.  Ooh, this is going to take some getting used to.

The rest of the journey was uneventful but we were both very relieved when we got to SMS in one piece.  Afterwards we went for a lovely breakfast and then to Colchester Zoo for the afternoon.

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