The Junkyard Smoke Bloke

First night

First night

What an amazing night!  Thanks so much to all the hungry people of Tiptree who came out and gave us a chance.  We were not expecting such a good response and are so pleased.

Our apologies to customers as we were a bit late setting up and we most certainly had a few teething problems throughout the night, but we have identified the areas needing improvement and they will be sorted out by next time.  Many thanks for bearing with us though and we hope you will come again soon.

We did have a little hiccup with the jockey wheel on the way too, which made parking the trailer a bit of a chore and led to the late start and us not being as organised as we had planned.  We did hear a noise as we were driving along but when Wurz asked what the noise could be, I thought we were loaded up with so many things it could be anything rattling around so didn’t take much notice.  A couple of minutes later I asked if he put the jockey wheel up and he said he couldn’t remember doing it.  But, as we were 2 minutes away from Roy Terry’s we carried on.  Big mistake.  We then had to go up a kerb and it was the final curtains for the jockey wheel.

“Have you brought a book?” was one of the last things Wurz said to me before we left our house.  We were expecting a quiet evening because apart from the leaflets, no one would know we were coming.  What a lovely surprise we got and by the time we had a minute to breath 2 hours had passed.

Once again, thank you to our customers and we hope to see you again soon.

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