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Lovely black roof

Lovely black roof

One top corner has leaked again and this is getting on my last nerve.  It’s a lot less water than before but how freaking annoying!  We have sealed it inside, outside and upside down but some sneaky hole is left somewhere and we have had enough of this game.  We can’t let it continue because it will ruin all the work we have done, we’ll have a manky, mouldy trailer and get shut down by EHO before we even get started.

I slathered bitumen paint all over the roof today.  I really enjoyed doing it actually because the sun was shining and the results were dramatic and instant.  I had to use the ladder how it most certainly should not be used, and Wurz had to support my weight and balance the ladder on one leg at one point.  Wurz was not balancing on one leg and he was not enjoying it like I was.  A lot of stretching was still necessary because my arms were not long enough either and it was hard to reach the middle of the roof.

We replaced the plastic sheet above the cooking area and hopefully this ones ok.  We will find out in due course.

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