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Metal trim for hatch

Metal trim for hatch

Russel of RV Fabrications, also made us a C-shape length of metal, which needs to fix onto the lip of the hatch to help it support the substantial weight of the shelf unit and protect it from getting damaged by the shelf supports, as they will be put on and taken off each time we go out.

We put the metal trim on, it looked really nice and fit really nice… but the hatch wouldn’t close.

Thr hatch was sealed off with plastic sheeting to keep the inside cleanI sanded a couple of mm off the hatch so the trim would sit lower. I wasn’t really in the mood so I used 40 grade sandpaper to rip through it and it didn’t take long.  I masking taped a curtain of plastic sheeting up to keep the inside clean and that is always annoying because it blows in the wind, even when you think there is no wind, and tries to get into the vents on the sander.

The metal trim is glued and clamped on


We’ve glued the trim and let it dry, so it is sitting beautifully and the hatch can now close as it should.

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