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Out with the old

Out with the old

The sign is off, yay, and all the equipment inside has gone.  The trailer without the signI say gone, it’s been taken out and chucked in the garage, so it is a bit hazardous in there at the mo.  All the bits worked and we were going to keep all but one thing but now we’re just keeping one table and the fridge.






The trailer with some of the equipment removed

The base of the table is badly rusted so we’ve wire-brushed the life out of it with the drill and we’ll paint it to stop them re-rusting.  This is a backbreaking job cos of bending into awkward positions with the drill and it is freezing cold out in the garage.

Wurz is going to buff up the table-top another day so it will be shiny and ‘foodsafe’.

We have scrubbed out the trailer and I’ve been filling holes and painting.

Wurz’ mate Ben towed the empty trailer to the weighbridge with him yesterday.  It turns out it is a lot heavier than we were told and is not good news.  We still have to put heavy equipment back in and we were going to clad the outside too.  There are legal limits, it will use more petrol and it will affect what car we have to get to tow the blooming thing.  I sound like I know about this stuff but that is pretty much all I do know about it.  Wurz will find out though so we’ll be ok.

GRAMMA NOTE: I know I’m writing a bit like you might text but because I’m feeling more comfortable with you guys now I’m just going to be myself…. or maybe no one will read it so it won’t matter anyway.  Just in case I’m going to keep it clean.  Also Wurz hates my double spaces after a sentence but I’m really old and that’s how I learned so you’ll have to humour me.  There are probably spelling and mistakes too but I’m an uneducated fool so hey ho.


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