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Prepping the cladding

Prepping the cladding

I had been out to see family today and Wurz started prepping the wood while I was gone.  We’d borrowed the thicknesser and he had set it up on the floor in the garden because the wood was too long and unwieldy to be done in the garage, on the bench.  He fed loads of wood through to take it from however thick it was, down to 12mm.

The cladding is laid out on the grassIt was one of the hottest days of the year today and by the time I got home he’d been at it for hours and was feeling quite ill.  I think he had a touch of sunstroke.  I helped him do some more for a while then made him put it away until tomorrow and go indoors.  It is backbreaking doing it on the floor so we know tomorrow will be full on.

Wurz has recently been working with a freelance designer to design some decals (stickers) for the trailer and today we decided on the finished designs.  We are having one sticker put on the hatch and another across the whole back wall.  Wurz’ sister, Lou works for a decal company, Aura Graphics, so Wurz just got the designs and measurements sent over to them.  He made me double check all the measurements with him but this is quite scary in case any mistakes are made, and we do tend to make them if we can.

The company are coming to fit the decals on the 1st June so we have to get the cladding finished before that.

Wurz’ sister and niece were planning to visit next weekend, so that’s worked out well because she’ll be able to check if they’ve done a good job.  We decided to invite both of our families and have our Grand Opening on the 4th June,  in 8 days time!  Yes, we are not nearly ready but we now have a firm deadline.  It will be full steam ahead now but to be honest we both work better with a deadline.

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