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Ready for our 2nd outing

Ready for our 2nd outing

We are ready and waiting to go for the second time.  We’ve been keeping busy this week making lots of little changes and improvements to everything  so from now on we will run smoother and quicker.  We will be smooth & quick, I don’t know why that makes me grin.

We fixed the jockey wheel and will remember to lift it up before we travel this time.  Wurz took the old one to the shop, held it up and said “Look what I did.”  They took one look and replied “kerb?”  So we are not the first or the last idiots to do it.

One of the things we have done is get paper menus.  It caught us unawares when people asked for them because we hadn’t given it a thought, morons lol.  Our pretty colourful ones won’t be delivered until next week so we printed some ourselves for tonight.

Another problem we found was our sauce dispensers were not working well so it might have put people off using them.  This week we will fill the cheeky little sauce pots ourselves and customers can choose between our 4 delicious flavours.  I filled up lots of them a while ago myself so we have got a head start on it, and it was quite a nice little job.  I was pondering what sauce I would recommend if anyone asks me and I kept changing my mind because I like them all.

I’m not going into any more detail about what else needed improving because if you were there then you know and if you were not there then you don’t need to know lol.

Enough for now though because I’m going to put my feet up for an hour before we leave.

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