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Staining the wallpaper

Staining the wallpaper

We got some old American newspapers and some gun and car magazines to use for wallpaper and have stained the best pages with tea and coffee.  They were covering every surface in the house at one point.

Wurz is playing on the computer day and night.  Well, he is actually researching and organising some tricky stuff and I am supporting him by nodding enthusiastically, while he talks it all through to me, even though I have no clue if it’s good or bad, or even what he is on about sometimes.  See, I am a good wife.  The trick is to open your eyes as wide as they will go and smile to hide the silent scream.  I don’t feel bad because I know he does it to me too, but without the eyes…or the smile lol.

Wurz has made a playlist of bluegrass music for the business.  We’re playing it a lot and the main bands that spring to mind are The Dead South, with In Hell I’ll Be In Good Company.  Also Nathaniel Ratecliffe and the Night Sweats with S.O.B and I Need Never Get Old, being my faves.  We are often blasting these tunes out while we work, or drive, or anything else, and I often find Wurz doing the special dance of The Dead South.  Check it out and I defy you not to do it too.  We will of course be spreading the word about Bluegrass as we travel around.

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