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The sky is grey, the air is blue

The sky is grey, the air is blue

Wurz working on the rain canopyWurz has been outside all morning trying to finish the canopy.  It is tricky as he is doing it on his own, on the stepladder that could do with being a touch taller so he could see what he is doing.  He has said several times that we need another stepladder but I have not rushed to get one, now I feel bad.  He needs to drill holes in the corrugated, that line up perfectly with the holes in a support pole underneath, but the holes below can’t be seen when the corrugated is on top of them, so that’s not helpful.

The weather is not co-operating either, and he had to come inside once when it rained heavily.  After getting drenched yesterday and carrying on all day soaked through, he is not in the mood for another wet t-shirt competition.   He finished drilling all the holes but the strong winds had blown one of the panels over, he didn’t notice and trod on it.  This caused it to warp and made the screws not line up any more.  He had to redo the holes in a number of panels and line them up differently.  His patience is wearing thin and the air is blue with his ill humour.  I can’t say I blame him.

Wurz feeling the weight of the canopyThe canopy finished and just waiting for new gas strutsHe has just finished the canopy.  It looks good and he seems chirpier already. He just needs to fit new gas struts when they are delivered and it will be super. We did have some already but one snapped. The brackets for the menu need to be moved down an inch or so now though because the canopy is in the way, so he is quickly doing that now.  Then he will be coming indoors to find a light system we can use for lighting up all of our fab nik-naks, while I am updating my blog.

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