The Junkyard Smoke Bloke

The cladding goes on

The cladding goes on

The cladding has been cut to fit and placed against the trailer

The cladding is finished on the front

We/Wurz played with the cladding a bit to decide the order the planks should go and then cut all the lengths to fit.  He fixed them all on and it does look amazing.  He said he is going to put a bit of colour on some too but I think it’s fab already.


Me, using the routerThe metal edging around the hatch sticks out proud and so do some big rivets, so the wood wasn’t able to lie flush.  I used a router to cut out and shape the back of some planks to allow space behind for the awkward bits, and allow the cladding to lie flush.  The router was wild and seemed to have a mind of its own so I had to tidy a lot up with chisels and files afterwards.  It was a nice job and I enjoyed sitting in the garage hiding from the sun.

I was playing music while I worked and I have to recommend the singer Rhiannon Giddens.  She has been putting old, dead in fact, peoples real stories into songs and bringing history to life.  Some of these songs are haunting and tell stories from the time of slavery;  Julie, Come Love Come, and At The Purchaser’s Option.  Give her a listen when you have a quiet moment to really listen to the words.

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