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Wallpapering – take 2

Wallpapering – take 2

I’m doing the wallpapering again but it doesn’t look as good because we used all the best pages last time.  This time I’ve used wallpaper paste to stick the pages on and polyurethane glue to seal it.

It mostly went on nice and smooth but some bits didn’t stick properly, especially to the curves of the front wall, and the paper shrunk when it was wet so it has left small air pockets behind.  I say small, some of them are 5” across.  To be honest you’d never notice them, but the walls need to be washable and I’m worried that they can’t take too much pressure.  Also, quite a lot of the edges curled up and the polywoly made them go brittle.  Now what to do?

I cut little lines in the paper with a Stanley knife, and stuck the paper down again, but alas, it still hasn’t stuck.  I need to walk away from this now before I go on a rampage.

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