The Junkyard Smoke Bloke

Wallpapering – take 3

Wallpapering – take 3

Wallpaper take 2 had to come off and this is my third and last attempt to make it good enough.   We wanted both walls that are visible to customers to be eye catching, but the curved wall is going to have to stay white because it is the hardest bit to paper.  It will be having shelving of some sort on it anyway so I think it will be fine.  The back wall though, will need something else if we are not happy with the paper because as I said Wurz hates white and it’s just not what we had in mind for our  junkyard, making things out of old stuff, theme.

I papered this time using polymer medium and sealed it with polyurethane varnish.  It did turn out well, thank goodness, but we’ll cover it with a clear plastic sheet to keep it clean and in good condition.  We are not taking any chances with it now.  DISCLAIMER: Please don’t anyone copy me with this method either in case it goes wrong.

Wurz is working on making the ‘smoker’ look rusty.  Lots of experimenting and layers are going on and so far so fab. We do have a real smoker that Wurz will actually use for cooking the meat but it will not be coming out and about with us and it does not look fancy like this one will.

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