The Junkyard Smoke Bloke



Two of the walls have been covered with newspaper I am really enjoying the wallpapering and it looks a-bloody-mazing.  That’s not swearing cos it’s not a real word.




The hatch has been papered upside down

I sanded the walls first to give it a bit of a key and am using general wallpaper paste.  DISCLAIMER: DO NOT COPY THIS METHOD as there is more to the story.  Some parts of the curved front are tricky so I am making cuts in the paper where necessary to help shape it.  There are some crinkles forming in it which is a worry but we can’t stop grinning at its loveliness.  I have also papered the stable doors and the inside of the hatch I’ve done upside down so people/customers hopefully, can read it while they are waiting for food.  When it is all shut it looks a bit mental though and I keep doing a double take and then doubting myself.

Your Basket