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We bought a monstrosity!

We bought a monstrosity!

Well, we finally got brave enough to buy a trailer but now we don’t know what to do with it.

Before we went to check the trailer in Battle, East Sussex, we spoke about what sort of things we should be checking before we part with our money.  Neither of us had a clue which was reassuring, but I had seen other people looking underneath cars and kicking the tyres before they bought them so I insisted this is what we should do.  Wurz made it clear he would not be doing this.

Wurz in the trailerThe seller had three of the monstrous things in and outside his garden, pity his poor neighbours, and set about showing one to Wurz.  I had said I wasn’t even getting out of the car but my conscience made me sneak up when they were inside, and look underneath.  There was no rust to be found and it was actually as clean as a whistle.

We’d hired a man to tow it home for us from down south and we followed it pretty much all the way home.  It was wiggling about in the wind and looked so tacky and inelegant that we kept cracking up.

Even the driver had to have a few goes at reversing it into the drive so that don’t bode well for me as I will be the one driving it.  I keep insisting I will be alright after a few practices but really it makes me laugh in mild terror when I think of it.

We had a big sense of relief once it had got here safe and sound but finding that the tyres had burst and practically shredded on the way home took the shine off somewhat.  Then Wurz got inside to have another look and the jockey wheel broke and bent. Our euphoria is now replaced by dread.

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