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We have shelves

The shelves are on the trailerWe picked up more metal stuff today, so as soon as we got them home Wurz put the metal shelf supports on the trailer and fixed the shelves straight on.  This is a heavy piece of kit but we are happy now.  Now we are able to accept work, as all the extra bits are extras and we can make do without them for now.

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Getting our rolls made

Wurz has been talking to a local bakery, Blackberry, of Colchester, and they are going to make our rolls to spec for us. Wurz went down there today and they gave him samples, loads actually, so the day passed pleasantly with us eating nothing but fab rolls with every filling we could find.  And so did the next day.

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Environmental Health Officer

Yesterday Wurz called up Colchester’s E.H.O to talk about registering us and Martin called him back within an hour or so.  He said he could come take a look at what are doing, to give us some pointers even though we are not ready yet.  Wurz is used to Westminster E.H.O and was not expecting anyone to be that helpful so jumped at the chance of free advice, but couldn’t help feeling a bit nervous because it is still EHO.

Martin was lovely though and gave loads of advice and answered all of Wurz’ questions.  I didn’t have any because this is new to me.  We just have to call him once we start working and he will come down and check us out during a service.

Screws coming through my wall

We noticed that the cladding was bowing a bit so Wurz put in another row of screws yesterday.  That was all good until I went in the trailer this morning and saw a lovely line of screw spikes coming right through my wall.  I think of this as my wall because I have fixed and painted it far too many times already.  It took my breath away and needed a couple of minutes to absorb it before calling him over to take a look.

Wurz put in different screws and I got to work on fixing it up again.

Lovely black roof

One top corner has leaked again and this is getting on my last nerve.  It’s a lot less water than before but how freaking annoying!  We have sealed it inside, outside and upside down but some sneaky hole is left somewhere and we have had enough of this game.  We can’t let it continue because it will ruin all the work we have done, we’ll have a manky, mouldy trailer and get shut down by EHO before we even get started.

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Clean up and rest

The soft opening shed light on a few areas that need finishing or sorting out.  For example we noticed the plastic above the cooking area had warped because it wasn’t fastened enough at the bottom so hot air had got under it.  We’ll have to get another, maybe thicker one and fasten it a lot better at the bottom.

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