The Junkyard Smoke Bloke

Menu Categories: Meats

Ox Cheek Sloppy Joe

Chipotle & cocoa rubbed ox cheeks smoked over oak & mesquite then braised in a good IPA. Finished off with a good hit of our Kansas City Thick Cue sauce this is a messy, messy sandwich but easily worth the cost of losing a white shirt.

Smoked Chicken & Bacon

Sweet rubbed and slow smoked chicken thigh with my own, special hot smoked, pig jowl bacon. This is not the chicken & bacon they sell in supermarkets.

Belly Pork

Cherry smoked, maple syrup glazed belly pork burnt ends. Call it pig candy, call it heaven, call it whatever you want as long as I get to eat it!

Pulled Beef

(gf) Prime beef chuck, bathed in our special coffee rub & slow smoked for 12 hours for the ultimate in tender, juicy beefiness.


(gf) Hand made sausages, slow smoked over hickory. We get bored easily so they change a lot, but they’re all good.

Pulled Pork

(gf) Top grade pork shoulder, treated to a damned fine rubbing, slow smoked for 16 hours or so then shredded for the ultimate in meat sandwich pleasure.

Smoked Halloumi

(gf) (v) For those delicate types. Halloumi cheese, marinaded in our special BBQ rub and smoked over oak. It ain’t meat but it’s still pretty damn good.

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