The Junkyard Smoke Bloke

Menu Categories: Sides

Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Rich, sticky macaroni cheese made with cheddar & Parmesan with onions, peppers & little secret seasoning.

Dirty Rice

Cajun style, gently spiced rice & beans.

Grilled Corn Salad

A super fresh salad of char grilled corn with peppers & a balsamic vinegar dressing.

Creamed Corn

Sweetcorn cooked down with peppers & onions in a sauce containing all of the dairy; butter, milk, cream, sharp cheddar & parmesan. I lied, there’s no yoghurt in there… maybe next time.

German Potato Salad

Not your grandmother’s potato salad, unless she happens to be German I guess. New potatoes with heaps of bacon, pickled gherkins & onions, dill & German brown mustard.

Boston Baked Beans

A classic American baked bean cooked with salt pork (almost outweighing the beans to be honest) & dark, sweet molasses. It sticks to your ribs on the way down.

Pit Beans

(gf) Beans, with a whole heap of other things, bits & pieces and stuff, all mixed up and cooked in the smoker until rich, meaty and smoky heaven emerges.


We’ll always have a coleslaw on, it’s just not BBQ without a good ‘slaw. 4 mustard ‘slaw, cheese ‘slaw, green chilli ‘slaw, Kansas red ‘slaw, there’s so many to choose from you’ll never get bored.

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